• Sessions & Speakers
  • Voting - Live Q&A - Session Rating
  • Push Notifications
  • News & Social Media
  • Document Library
  • Notes
  • Slide Sharing
  • General Conference Info
  • User Module (password-protected app)
  • Attendee Networking & Messaging
  • Exhibitor Catalog
  • Interactive Floorplan with routing
  • Digital Conference Bag
  • Sponsors and Banners
  • Form & Web modules


Rocme is a preferred partner for etouches and tapcrowd, is part of the etouches family. We have a wide range of services around mobile engagement. Talk to our team to discover the latest features in the wonderful world of mobile engagement.

The perfect guide to your event.

General Info

  • Share all practical information with your attendees
  • e.g. opening hours, venue information, travel info etc.

Agenda & Speaker Bios

  • A handy overview of your event's sessions sorted by room, time etc.
  • Comes with full speaker bios.

Attendee List

  • Want to know more about an attendee or send somebody a message?
  • Here you’ll find everything you need.

Forms & Web Modules

  • The perfect tool to make users fill out evaluation forms,
  • Get their contact information 
  • Link to other websites from your app.

Engage your audience

Live Polls & Voting

  • Let your attendees join in during a session.
  • Change questions on the fly.
  • Your attendees post their answers via the app.

Social Media Integration

  • Your event’s social media channels, all collected in one feed.
  • Works with Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. #handy

Ask a Question

  • Enable your attendees to ask questions to the speaker during a presentation, via the app.

Session Rating

  • A great way to get feedback: ask attendees to rate the latest sessions, and learn what they love

Social Photo Sharing

  • Love the venue?
  • Listening to a truly inspirational talk?
  • Snap a picture and share it with the world.

User Module

  • Control permissions for every user
  • Protect your app with a username and password.

Get personal!

Personal Agenda

  • Attendees love to pick and choose from your event programme.
  • Here, they can put together their own private overview of what they want to do and where they need to go.

Push Messages

  • Share last-minute updates,
  • important news or timely reminders
  • quick and easy push message.

Messaging & Inbox

  • The central hub for everybody at the event to connect with each other.
  • Send other attendees a meeting request, or share useful information.

Note Taking

  • Don’t worry about pen and paper: your attendees can now take notes right within the app.
  • Notes can be e-mailed to themselves.

QR-Code Scanner

  • Powerful and versatile, QR-codes can be used for everything from event gamification to coupon sharing.


  • Allow your attendees to store content for future reference: brochures, attendee details, exhibitor info and more.

VIsibility for your partners

Banner Ads

  • Give your partners the exposure they deserve through in-app banners. With a single tap, they’ll take you to your partner’s website.

Premium Listings

  • Some partners are more equal than others. Treat them with a top spot in the exhibitor catalog and sponsor list.

Sponsored Push Messages

  • Give your partners the possibility to trigger your attendees’ interest with a number of sponsored messages.

Lead Generation

  • Allow exhibitors to scan QR-codes on the badge of the visitors.