ROCME proudly presents the SOCIAL DJ - MASH MACHINE

It's here to get people together

Mash Machine is an icebreaker that engages small crowds and gets people to socialize by becoming the DJs of the event. 

Simplicity at its core
It takes up to 1 minute to learn the basics of Mash Machine - enough to play and have fun with other guests for hours. While being as simple as possible, players can still build complex musical structure

Play, Record, Share
Mash Machine comes with the built-in functionality for recording your guests' mixes. This enables a variety of possibilities that only starts with sharing their creation.

Tailored to each event
Same device, different skins, different controllers and different audiences...

Mash Machine is designed to be easily customizable to fit any event. From the external skin to the look of the controllers, changing face to Mash Machine will be easier than you expect.

We also have been using it in a variety of events, from live entertainment to workshops, from  in-store activities and exhibitions to corporate and wedding parties, DJ battles or full teambuilding concepts facilitated by one of our partner event agencies.

The controller cubes can be branded, printed in 3D to your wishes or fitted to your products to get perfect brand experience.