Rocme works with a range of technology partners to get your events organized. All these apps are connected trough a central API so we can provide cross app reporting for online and onsite technologies. This gives us a huge advantage on live data availability and removes te risk of data loss due to import and export. 


etouches is the best in class event management software. With a suite of 15 modules to handle all of your event needs. Rocme uses etouches as the primary platform for all online services.

fielddrive provides onsite technical solutions for the meeting and event industry. Live badging, workshop scanning, audience tracing, digital signage solutions.

Tapcrowd is our primary partner for all mobile event apps, the platform integrates seamless with etouches to exchange data trough the API and keep all information synchronized.

crowddrive is a state of the art visitor tracking platform, we can offer fully automated presence detection, digital interaction and live dashboards to monitor the movements of each individual visitor in your event.

Elling Hamso had developed a methodology to measure the return on events. Out team of certified consultants works close with him to design your perfect path to meet you objectives and create value for your company. 

"Don't spoil the party" is a Belgian industry initiative to reduce NO SHOWS and waste in the meeting and events industry.