RocMe is a platinum partner for fielddrive. We offer a range of onsite solutions and logistics for the onsite management of your events.

Rocme offers these services for fielddrive off the shelf in the BeNeLux, please ask quote for other destinations.

Fielddrive will be deploying these services in other regions soon, if you want to become a fielddrive partner please visit the fielddrive website and apply.


  • Hospitality
  • Live badging
  • Workshop scanning
  • Voting
  • Parking management
  • Booth scanningn b
  • Digital signage
  • Audience track & trace
  • NFC /RFId badging
  • Q&A
  • Cloakroom management 
  • Infokiosks

Live badging

We have developed our own registration desks and badgedrive software to handle all your live badging on site. We provide onsite live badging at a speed of 250 guests an hour per registration desk. All the data is synchronized live with the webserver trough our live check-in tool. When the internet is disconnected, we can keep on checking in, and even when the power goes down the desks keep on working on an integrated power supply.   

This one stop service includes:

  • Rental of registration desks (120 x 60 x 90) with:
    • 2 workstations with HP Laptop and badgedrive software
    • 2 credit card size badgeprinters
    • 2 ticket printers
    • 3D barcode scanner
    • Top display 42"
    • NFC reader
    • Color LED and DMX color controller
    • UPS - backup battery
    • Connection bridges.
  • Hospitality team onsite for 4 Hrs
  • Full color creditcard size badges
  • Badge clips
  • Connection to your etouches database or list import.
  • Technical assistance
  • Transportation in BeNeLux (please ask detailed quote for other destinations)

All desks are fully integrated plug and play and protected by transportation by flight cases.

The setup can be done in a counter setup or walkthrough setup for better visitor flow.

The equipment can not be dismounted from the desks. 

You can order this standard service for the BeNeLux directly in our webshop or request a quote for specific services in other countries, 

Workshop scanning

At your event, you want to know who attended the different sessions in order to start a follow up communication with the attendees. With the latest technologies (NFC, RFID, QR-code) we can manually scan the badge of each attendee at the door of the sessions and provide a list of who attended which sessions.

We can also provide full automated audience tracing.

Cloakroom scanning

No jacket, bag or scarf will be lost anymore! RocMe can offer a full cloakroom service where the badge/ E-ticket will be scanned, and all needed information, such as name, stored item(s) and the number of the coat hanger will be printed on the cloakroom ticket.


Exhibitors can keep track of all visitors on their booth by scanning the badge. This will give them acces to the details of the visitor and provide extra notes in the information field. 


We provide a state of the art visitor tracking platform, we can offer fully automated presence detection, digital interaction an live dashboards to monitor the movements of each individual visitor in your event and define the full customer journey.


Preprinted badges are a bit outdated, since there is no tracing of the attendance rate in your database and there is a waste of badges for the no-shows or name changes.

But in some cases, they can still come in handy., so we keep providing preprinted badges on badge-trays. You may also consider a combination of preprinted badges and the rental of a fastbadge case, to print out last minute changes.

You can order these preprinted badges directly in our online shop


Ideal for small events, RocMe can offer you a fast-badge kit for rent or purchase. Connect your etouches account to the fielddrive platform, select your event in the badgedrive platform, place the badges in the printer and start checking in your delegates. It is as easy as that!

The fastbadge case is cabin approved size so you can take it anywhere as a hand luggage.

You can order the fastbadge case in our webshop as a rental op purchase item.

Digital signage

Setup information signage in your event to keep participants updated on program changes, attendance lists, speaker profiles, messaging,  twitter feeds, Q&A session.. This signage is connected straight to the API so we can draw information directly from your event database.

Info kiosk

Let your participants look up information about your event, sessions, speakers and other delegates, at any time during your congress. can provide, info kiosks at different locations at your event, on the exhibition floor or on the booths. Through RFID/NFC and QR-code scanning, we can even trace which information has been requested by each visitor.