Our eventsupport team helps you to manage all your digital online and onsite event needs powered by a range of technology partners.

They provide eventroi consultancy to meet your event objectives and impact the bottom line. 

We provide services for single events  or we can setup a platform for all your events.

When you manage multiple events a year you can probably save a lot of time and intelligence by centralizing all your registrations into one central platform. Our team can help you to set up a strategy and templates and services around a central solution that allows you to do cross event reporting and evaluations, and improve your ROI for all your events. You can choose to outsource most of the services or handle most of the day tot day project management yourself.

If you are looking for a single event solution our eventsupport team will setup all technical services for you, including your event website, registration forms, online payments, surveys, reporting... And on top of that we can also handle all your onsite hospitality services, badging, workshop scanning through our fielddrive support. All this with a single point of contact. We offer special event packages as a one stop solution.