The Event ROI Pyramid

The Event ROI Pyramid

The Return on Investment on events methodology exists to help you calculate and plan objectives for meeting and event organisers.
The fundamental principal of the ROI is that, the only way to create value for the stakeholders in by influencing the behaviour of the participants. 
The ROI Methodology was first considered to be an evaluation tool only, but it has grown to be a planning tool also. When you want to know the results of your event, you need to have measurable objectives. 


The value of the ROI Methodology is to really understand the objectives of your event, and how you can achieve these.
Anyone who would say: ‘It is important to me that this event is successful and meets my objectives’ is a stakeholder. So, exhibitors and sponsors are mostly your main stakeholder, however participants, venues and speakers can also be your stakeholders. Therefore it is of great importance that before you try to calculate the value of an event, your first specify the different stakeholder groups, as different stakeholders would like to achieve different values.

European Event Institute 

RocMe collaborates with the European Event Institute to develop tailor-made ROI surveys for our clients, which allows you cross-event use and measurement.
For example, visitors are not only queried about their satisfaction level, but also about learning processes, utilisation and business impact.
RocMe strives to optimise your ROI with useful tools that minimise no-shows, carpooling, segmentation, duplicate elimination, participant engagement, live badging, networking tools, etc.
RocMe centralises all the information, which places all of it at your fingertips and makes it easy to report on. 


More and more meeting and event organisers see that procurement and finance departments are taking more and more interest in how these organisers spend their money. As these departments are familiarised with ROI measurements in many other areas of management decision, they will be interested in joining your event ROI measurement project. 
Because of this opportunity, RocMe works together with the European Event Institute to help the customer in creating a decent and reliable ROI measurement tool.