crowddrive is a state of the art visitor tracking platform, we can offer fully automated presence detection, digital interaction and live dashboards to monitor the movements of each individual visitor in your event. We deliver setup and field services for this brand new technology.

Fully automated presence detection

  • Visitor analytics: visit durations, product interest and journeys
  • Suited for booth metrics, session attendance & public area
  • Easy integration, installation and configuration

Digital interaction channel

  • Paper-less sharing of brochure, product information, etc.
  • Social media actions (facebook / linkedin)
  • Custom interactions such as mobile payments

Web-based dashboards and reports

  • Visitor analytics such as # visits, dwelling time, journey
  • Real-time density and activity maps
  • Data export and platform API

Why WE USE CRowddrive?



  • crowddrive provides fully automated presence detection without requiring the customer to change their habits

  • Printable badges

  • crowddrive comes with printable smart badges to ensure it seamlessly integrate in your existing registration process without any hassle


Presence and interaction

  • crowddrive offers fully automated presence detection, digital interaction and real-time cloud integration, which offers huge creativity to stand out at your next event

  • No check-in, swipe or scanning required!

  • No hassle at registration!